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Why Choose GlobalSign?

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Sale of 2-Year TLS/SSL Certificates was discontinued effective August 31, 2020
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Authorized GlobalSign Partner

Industry Experience like no other TLS/SSL Provider

GlobalSign was established over 20 years ago as one of the world's first Certificate Authorities (CA) and TLS/SSL providers. With an initial focus in Europe, GlobalSign soon expanded its operations to serve a worldwide customer base. Throughout its years, a number of increasingly prestige companies have invested in GlobalSign: Belgian Chambers, Ubizen, ING Bank, and Vodafone -- helping sculpt the global organization and industry leading technology GlobalSign customers and partners benefit from today.

In October 2006, GlobalSign was acquired by GMO Internet Group (TSE: 9449) from CyberTrust and welcomed on board a brand new Management Team comprising of some of the most experienced and respected talent in the digital certificate market -- with senior staff responsible for establishing and operating a number of wide reaching Certification Authority services, including those from GeoTrust Europe, GeoTrust Japan, RapidSSL, CyberTrust, and Comodo. GlobalSign is proud to announce it is now entering a new age of direction, innovation, and customer focus.

A Credible Alternative to the VeriSign group of companies - VeriSign, GeoTrust, Thawte & RapidSSL

 GlobalSign has been providing trusted services for over 20 years. And now, with the new GlobalSign UK office and staff previously co-founding and operating GeoTrust Europe and RapidSSL.com, and the new GlobalSign Japan office and staff previously co-founding and operating GeoTrust Japan (prior to VeriSign acquiring GeoTrust Inc), GlobalSign is logically positioned as the ONLY alternative to the VeriSign group of companies.

GlobalSign has the experience, the know-how and the understanding of enterprise and reseller channel needs. This unique combination of experience, talent and vision, allows GlobalSign to offer itself as the alternative TLS/SSL Provider in what is now a single player market.
A Simplified Product Portfolio in an overly complex market

GlobalSign is the first TLS/SSL Provider to offer a simplified range of TLS/SSL Certificates -- fitting neatly into the three newly defined TLS/SSL classes of Domain Validation (DV) issued in 4 minutes or less, Extended Validation (EV) activating the Green address bars on high security browsers, and Organization Validation (OV). By taking its over 20 years of experience in delivering trusted TLS/SSL solutions, GlobalSign has pioneered a simple approach to the three classes of TLS/SSL the market has seen emerge over recent months.

Other TLS/SSL Providers favor using complex product naming and classifications, with basic features being used to differentiate otherwise identical products. GlobalSign bucks this trend by adopting simple product naming and assigning feature sets as options within each product class. This unique approach is designed to eliminate the time consuming and frustrating which certificate do I need issues faced by customers evaluating TLS/SSL vendor solutions.

Completely Redesigned Reseller & Enterprise Systems to meet Today's Requirements

In depth consultation with customers, resellers and enterprises, and months of ground-up development have gone into the newly designed GlobalSign management systems. The new Global Agent System provide customers with the fastest and easiest way to issue digital certificates for their own use, for their customer's use or for widespread enterprise and departmental use. The system adopts a SaaS (software as a service) philosophy, giving access to customers via a web portal or XML based API to allow for full integration with control panels, purchasing systems or bespoke internal management processes. GlobalSign is also the first TLS/SSL Provider to introduce Data Center TLS/SSL (per server licensing model) and Non-IP TLS/SSL (hosted IP and TLS/SSL on a hardware security module).

WebTrust Certified and Trusted by All Browsers

WebTrust certified since 2002 As a WebTrust audited TLS/SSL Provider established in 1996 and accredited since 2002, GlobalSign has alliances and partnerships with all the major Operating System and Browser vendors to ensure maximum support for its range of TLS/SSL Certificates. All major browsers, applications and mobile devices inherently trust and support GlobalSign digital certificates. This means your customers will not receive "untrusted" alerts and popups that can be a problem when using certificates issued by the newer, or untrusted, TLS/SSL Providers. Garner over 20 years of GlobalSign investment in partnerships and Root CA Certificate acceptance strategy, and join over 20 million other digital certificates that rely on the public trust of the GlobalSign Root CA Certificates.

Secured by GlobalSign and AlphaSSL Site Seals

GlobalSign Site Seal AlphaSSL Site Seal Once your TLS/SSL Certificate is issued, you can display the GlobalSign or AlphaSSL site seal as appropriate. When clicked this seal allows visitors to view your authenticated profile, improving trust in who you are. GlobalSign/AlphaSSL Site Seals are dynamically delivered via a three tier redundant site seal server system. Unlike some of our competitors who have suffered widely reported Site Seal outages that dramatically affect the loading of a web page, pages displaying GlobalSign/AlphaSSL Site Seals will not be affected in the unlikely event that the site seal servers suffer temporary interruption.

Current Promotion: A Server Licensing Policy to suit your requirements, and your budget

Typically our competition will issue certificates with only a single license, and additional licenses must be bought at a premium. To help you meet your budget GlobalSign certificates are provided with 3 server licenses included in the standard price. This allows you to easily secure your primary server, a secondary or backup server and a load balancer without any further costs. Additional licenses can be purchased in blocks of 3 for the industry's most competitive server licensing rates.

There is growing need for TLS/SSL in today's Web 2.0 World -- and we know SSL!

Web site visitors and customers expect to see the padlock when submitting ANY kind of data -- whether it be payment details, logins/password or other Internet based transactions. TLS/SSL Certificates activate the secure "padlock" using the https protocol and assures your customers and visitors that their transactions and data sent via the Internet are secured by using the strongest encryption available. Having been issuing TLS/SSL for over 20 years, GlobalSign, along with 45th Parallel Internet Services, are expert in assisting customers with requirements (large or small), scalable solutions, and trouble-shooting costly implementation issues.

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